Open Air special Basel mid-Summer

On a hot summer night.. ever feel like breaking out into song & dance? Im Fluss on the banks of the  river Rhein?  Saturday: singer Roli Frei & the Soulful Desert or  Chill am Rhy acoustics 6-8pm Mon-Wed-Fridays
Open-Air Art any one? et Voila:
29 July 6-9pm finissage Wink Witholt at  Artachment in  former Zollamt.
31 July Matthew Barney - Cremaster Cycle all-day marathon at Schaulager.ch to prepare or compare to Bristol action-sports-Artists Heath Bunting  (interview) and  Jame Kennard, keep on playing the borders August 4-14  at Bblackboxx.ch to  bring us somehwere between art, action and survival. Looking forward to  jump, learning to stone-throw and swing myself and mobile...portraits by Bunting.
6-7 August Celtic Road concert Augusta Raurica at Roman ruins in Augst
6-9 August Michael Taussig in Saas Fee,my radical anthropology Prof  at European Grad school evening talks are public.
7 August Ausstellungsraum.ch opens with questions on art and photography.

 August 13 discovery of  My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter  at  Kaserne Basel 3day / 90 artist Water fest : claimed  beyond swiss border to be the years musical surprise :"introduces us to romantic ballads, thundering guitars, whooping voices and massive bass sounds" is in Zürich Theater Spectal later.

14 August in the museum  park?  under the motto 10-10pm à 10 Beyeler opens to all day viewing
Fondation Beyeler Sommerfest
, in the Museum and in the Park a program of art and music
 Program: 10am - 10pm= 10 Chf = Basquiat and Felix Gonzalez-Torres
2:30pm tour «Basquiat» in English,  5pm in French , 10am-6pm Workshops, Graffiti and Museumgames
Music: 2-3pm Trio «D‘Schiksn», Klezmermusic/ 5-8pm Salsaband Son Alarde then Live Tango Punta Tango till 10 or Just for fun hop on an  Oldtimer-Tram of Tramclub loops from Trainstation.

 Back in Basel finally again  Sheila She loves  you in Stadtkino August 19 & 21 in Kuppel; the 12th in Rock Oz Arénes, Avanche
Going  south later as the summer warms up in mid-August (after the Montreux crowds have gone) , the more bold can dare go see what the leisure class is doing in suburban Leman area with mysterious festival For noise invited Local Natives on 19 August with aka Cecilia Winter group, then 20th, goes Peaches who got lost in a big old house. to be continued... summer-time sometimes.
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ArtCast at m4music

ArtCast at m4music

At the festival in Zurich called m4music there was a panel called "Bits and Music" which wanted to work out, what online-communities and social network platforms can do for bands and artists. Patriks questions were answered by Erin Zhu Manager, webmaster of neubauten.org and manager of Einstürzende Neubauten, Berlin u.a., Tim Renner CEO of Motor Entertainment GmbH (Motor FM / TV / .de / Music / Management / Tours, Berlin), Daniel Schneider Head of VIRUS-Radio and Member of the Executive Board DRS 3, President Steering Committee mx3.ch, Basel.Listen and enjoy!
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Open Air special Basel mid-Summer
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