The Splendor of survival: Heath Bunting + James Kennard@ Bblackboxx

Survival or Acts of splendor...  in the woods?
This is the question. Action-sport or Survival-training?
Heath Bunting and James Kennard spent an artist-residency at Bblackboxx.ch as a workshop to share their art practice: stone-throwing, river-crossing , using low or high-technique, also surveying the local territory with a drone border crossing. Fun and game? A group of people collect around them, divergent languages blur as the group fuses into movement and action, passing on the skills using stones, rope and climbing trees. Beaming smiles are shared as the faces emerged from the woodlands of a newly charted territory. This point in Basel is both on the border to the Asylum-seekers center, France, Germany as well as recreation-area for local leisure walkers and their dogs. Mothers with children share their first swim, testing the "wild" streams, while swings and ropes are spun for river -crossing practice. Immersed in nature, workshop or not: a day in August drenched in sunshine, shared with (the kindness of) strangers. To "commune with nature", is a classic... also question on innocence. Is the " pure force of nature", Pastoral or Violent? Is the simplest act and oldest of Human skills (literally) a-stone's-throw to violence, bringing-up questions also to the host Almut Rembges DRS2 interview.

A silent collective, shared and unspoken force emerged and morphed the original Stove vs Drone theme, leaving James to return the model-airplane back home with him, almost intact except for a minor scratch, and leaving us with summer memories of the universal language of play or first contact also with civil disobedience?
Press: includes Digital Brainstorming.ch,  SWR; DRS2; BAZ;  WOZ An der Grenze denken:Das Kunst- und Theorieprojekt «bblackboxx» in der Nähe des Basler Ausschaffungsgefängnisses Bässlergut 
bespielt den Nichtort an der Grenze zum vierten Mal – eine «Schule der Wahrnehmung» WOZ 2008
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