Yves Behar on One Laptop Per Child

Yves Behar co-designed  One Laptop Per Child, giving access to kids most needy. The 100 Euro computer kids can use to call, draw and learn together doubles as a router thus extending the network. Available from Nigeria to Macedonia is was the baby of the Fuseproject.com team in San Fransisco, premiered at Design Miami in Basel June 14. OLPC was initiated by a former director MIT to bridge the digital divide, it is owned by kids and brought by their governments.

Listen and enjoy!

ArtCast at m4music

At the festival in Zurich called m4music there was a panel called "Bits and Music" which wanted to work out, what online-communities and social network platforms can do for bands and artists. Patriks questions were answered by Erin Zhu Manager, webmaster of neubauten.org and manager of Einstürzende Neubauten, Berlin u.a., Tim Renner CEO of Motor Entertainment GmbH (Motor FM / TV / .de / Music / Management / Tours, Berlin), Daniel Schneider Head of VIRUS-Radio and Member of the Executive Board DRS 3, President Steering Committee mx3.ch, Basel.Listen and enjoy!
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