ArtCast at the fleemarket


Every Saturday there is a fleemarket on the Petersplatz in Basel. A nice place to hang out and meet people. Really just by chance Barbara and Patrik bumped into each other there: Barbara lives around the corner, Patrik was taking a walk with his kids. When they sat down and started to chat, Patrik took out the m-audio and started to record the conversation more out of curiosity. The talking takes off at the fact that tomorrow on Sunday evening there starts a screening of the Situationist Guy Debords films at the Kunsthalle Basel. And jumps around from there in many directions... Admitted: sometimes we move on very thin ice. But who doesn't from time to time?
The image above theses lines? A spectacular giant inflated dog that was erected behind the bench where we sat. It appeared to us somehow appropriate to our subjects, among others: the society of spectacle...

Listen and enjoy

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ArtCast featuring Initiative Grundeinkommen


Enno Schmidt, Künstler und Unternehmensberater aus Frankfurt, und Daniel Häni, Kulturraumschaffender aus Basel, sind die beiden Gründer der "Initiative Grundeinkommen". Ihr Anliegen ist eigentlich ein einfaches: Die gesellschaftliche Debatte darüber anregen, was ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen, finanziert über eine Mehrwertsteuer, die deutlich höher wäre als heute, auslösen würde. Patrik sass mit ihnen zusammen und hat sich ihre Absichten erklären lassen.

Listen and enjoy