ArtCast featuring Anthony Giddens


Anthony Giddens; British Sociologist and prominent contributor to the debate on globalisation and the nature of modernity, social change and how individuals bring change about.

Key to his understanding of contemporary notions of self and intimacy, he suggests our era not so much as post-modern but as post-traditional. He anticipates the individual as pro-active participants in our relationships with one another and the media. Giddens; is adviser to Blair (the Third Way). Professor and former director of the LSE now working on Global Governance and with 34 Books he continues to be an accessible author and a prolific British Social theorist, also co-founder of Polity Press.

Barbara Strebel asked Giddens:
  1. about models of socially useful technology
  2. if progress can be driven by Policy making or if innovation (by its nature) has to be a game of trial and error
  3. about recent developments of Information Age (Manuel Castells)
Native of London, son of a Transit clerk, Giddens slipped into Social sciences, by default, as Hull Univ. lacked a professorship.

We meet in Basel's City hall, following his talk entitled «New Egalitarianism» on poverty in Europe, invited by the Inst. for Sociology.

The city offered an apéro in its parliament where we spoke in the Rathaussaal itself. Next day Giddens left for alpine skiing, hoping to work on another book.

Audio quality of the first minutes is rather poor, is getting better in the main interview.

Listen and enjoy


ArtCast in Kunstbulletin

ArtCast in the press, yet again: Verena Kuni, blogging at the home made labor, portrays ArtCast in Kunstbulletin 3/2006. Her recommendation:
« wer das RSS-Feed abonniert, verpasst auch die nächste Sendung nicht »

ArtCast featuring etoy

mission eternity users and etoy.ANGELS, (c) etoy corp.
Friday Artcast went to see etoy's MISSION ETERNITY (M∞),

« a digital/physical multi user sarcophagus for the information age. bridging the gap between generations as well as the gap between the world of flesh and the info space of memory. M∞ is the community of the living and the death in the public info sphere »,
and recorded an interview with etoy.ZAI (CEO etoy corp.) and etoy.SILVAN (special agent r&d), connecting the « most expensive art performance in history » with this new « ultra long-term » project and giving you 20 minutes 6 seconds of background information. Please note that the (late-night) interview is in schwyzertütsch.

The etoy. TANKS will stay at Walcheturm Zürich March-April '06, guided tours every Monday, 16-19h.

Befor listening to the interview you might want to take a quick introductory look at the M∞ project announcement and today's NZZ article.

Listen and enjoy

This is Hannes' first audible contribution to ArtCast - raw and uncut, but tbc.