ArtCast featuring Bruce Sterling


In this ArtCast: Patrik calls up Barbara for the intro and catches her @ the mitte. She explains where we met Bruce Sterling: @ the first edition of the tweakfest. And she uncovers what's her connection to him. Then a hard switch over to the interview, where Bruce talks about "black globalization", the chances for a "positive al kaida", his impressions of Zurich and the role Switzerland as a country could play in the world. play!
Listen and enjoy
By the way: There is a blogpost @ InVisible Blog about Bruces presentation.
UPDATE 30.11.05: Bruces speech @ tweakfest is now online too @ InVisible Blog.

Soon to come

The interview we did today with Sci-Fi Author Bruce Sterling during his stay in Zurich @ tweakfest05. So stay tuned! The show will go on! And we have a lot more material waiting to go online.