ArtCast featuring Pola Dwurnik


In this ArtCast: Pola Dwurnik, a young polish painter on her current exhibition of oil paintings at Basel's Austellungraum Klingental. We spoke of her renditions of banknotes, imagined Cien Pesos with Frida Kalo (above), a series of self-portraits based on traditional classics, and others based on x-rays of her own body. Oilpainting is a skill she learned as a child from her own father Edward. The 16 new paintings were created during her stay as artist in residence at Stiftung Laurenz-Haus, Basel.
 Listen and Enjoy!

ArtCast in the news...

Roger Zedi, journalist @ the Tages-Anzeiger of Zurich, had invited some podcasters from Switzerland to meet and talk with him, as mentioned earlier. The article is out now! [english translation]

ArtCast featuring Wim Wenders

wim wenders + barbara strebel

In todays edition we go to the movies. The director Wim Wenders was in Basel for the premier of his latest movie "Don't Come Knocking" and to sign his book accompanying the film. Barbara spoke with him - also about him being a podcast enthusiast. Listen and enjoy!
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Meret-Oppenheim-Preis an Miriam Cahn

Wie ArtCast aus gewöhnlich gut unterrichteten Kreisen erfahren hat, wird die in Basel geborene Künstlerin Miriam Cahn einen der diesjährigen Meret-Oppenheim-Preise des Bundesamtes für Kultur erhalten, die je mit Fr. 35'000.- dotiert sind und auf Empfehlung der Eidgenössischen Kunstkommission vergeben werden.

ArtCast on your mobilephone?

When Apple presents its iTunes-enabled Motorola-phone in the coming week, will it be able to subscribe to podcasts as well? We'll see.

Wim Wenders was in town

He was in Basel yesterday to present his latest film "Don't Come Knocking". And guess what, we had a chance to interview him. And, yes, he knows about podcasting in general, and he loves the concept. Look foreward to one of our next episodes where we'll have the pleasure to share our recordings with you.