ArtCast featuring DJ Spooky (part 1)

In this Artcast: Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky - that subliminal kid) known worldwide, has performed as a turntabelist, DJ and VJ extensively. We met him after he performed in Basel @ Sinus-Series (pictures of his performance @ flickr). He told us about his first book "Rhythm Science" (MIT Press) and his remixing of music, sound and film. He's a producer of the recent CD "Drums of Death", where he collaborated with Chuck D of Public Enemy and Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Paul Miller is also editor of the new magazine "21C". And he is also a faculty member of the "European Graduate School", a 21st century version of John Cages "Black Mountain College". Netwise he's connected with Bruce Sterling, Manuel DeLanda and the nettime mailinglist @ thing.net.


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