Think big!

Why not...? The swiss office for communication, regulating the access to all airwaves is doing a questionaire collecting the ideas and interests for digital radio chanels on DAB. ArtCast could, together with others, raise its hand to show interest for a nationwide DAB-chanel dedicated to podcasts similar to KYOU. Just an idea.

ArtCast featuring DJ Spooky (part 3: on Art)

paul miller
In this edition: Conversations with Paul D. Miller, conceptual artist and writer on Art and his re-emerging on the artscene. He talks about netart, art-institutions, Matthew Barney, Leni Riefenstahl, Andy Warhol, props and propaganda. And we're announcing his european speaking tour for the book "Rhythm Science".

Media Attention

This just in from Roger Zedi, an editor of Tages-Anzeiger, a big daily newspaper from Zurich, who wants to write about the who why when where etc. of the swiss podcast scene:

hallo zusammen,
ich plane einen artikel über schweizer podcaster. wer sind sie? warum podcasten sie? was denken sie über das neue medium vs. traditionelle medien? welche erfahrungen gibt es mit publikums-feedback? wäre roger schawinski heute podcaster statt radiopirat? etc. etc.... meine idee wäre es, 3 bis 4 ch-podcaster an einem tisch zu versammeln und in der runde über podcasting zu plaudern / tratschen / philosophieren. das gespräch werde ich dann zu einem artikel verarbeiten (was für mich ebenfalls ein experiment ist...). meine wunschrunde bestünde aus: artcast basel / starfrosch / kultpavillon / swisspodcast.

Sounds interesting. If we find the time, I guess we'll join in.

ArtCast featuring DJ Spooky (part 2 of 3)


In this ArtCast: DJ Spooky, in a taxi and at the dinnertable, on collage, film remixing, Guy Debord, Cocteau, Basel Graffiti and the sounds and visuals at sinus-series, where he was the main act. With him: Barbara and Katrin Steffen, the initiator of sinus-series.

ArtCast featuring DJ Spooky (part 1)

In this Artcast: Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky - that subliminal kid) known worldwide, has performed as a turntabelist, DJ and VJ extensively. We met him after he performed in Basel @ Sinus-Series (pictures of his performance @ flickr). He told us about his first book "Rhythm Science" (MIT Press) and his remixing of music, sound and film. He's a producer of the recent CD "Drums of Death", where he collaborated with Chuck D of Public Enemy and Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Paul Miller is also editor of the new magazine "21C". And he is also a faculty member of the "European Graduate School", a 21st century version of John Cages "Black Mountain College". Netwise he's connected with Bruce Sterling, Manuel DeLanda and the nettime mailinglist @ thing.net.

new material is in!

We have an extensive interview with DJ Spooky among other interesting recordings waiting for production. Hang on, we'll put the material online in the next few days.

late shift...

Just received an SMS from Barbara: "interview with DJ Spooky @ 4:40 a.m. after his set, in the artist suite."
I sent back: "My goodness, don't these young people ever sleep?"