ArtCast from the Openings

Welcome to our second show of 36:20 duration! Barabara met
  1. Jean Claude from Les Complices at the opening of Art Umlimited (interview in english)
  2. Guillaume Daeppen from the Gallery Daeppen at the Swiss Art Awards (interview in french)
  3. Simon Maurer from the Helmhaus, Zurich, at the Liste05 Vernissage (interview in swiss german)

Three different approaches to creating art spaces: a collaborative independant initiative, a commercially run gallery and a state funded art institution. They talk of their realities, ideals and strategies. A central issue was: the balancing act of a regional reality confronted with a global market.

3 languages in 1 podcast? that's normal. we're used to that. you need (at least) 3 (german, french, italian - sorry the rumantch...) languages inside this small country to meet the plusminus autochtonous people eye to eye.


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